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We are creative design studio who has our own production line for sewn up custom print fabric product and other custom design printed products. We’re help our customer to delivering their message with visual design and manufacturing custom products so they could improve and strengthen their communication level. As for the personal customers it’s mean a bolder identity, while for business customer it’s means a strategic design solutions to help business grow and thrive

the background


Desain is visualization, and visualization give us value. Nonetheless we all not have the same ability to draw our idea into design canvas. The reason why we here for you.

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We truly respect commitment.

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Design is the first thing that draw people attention.Whether it is a pattern on your shirt, strong logo on your letterhead, striking headline in your flyer, or eye-popping colours of your home decoration, cleary design is one of the most important aspects of our expression.At indesign We listen, listen, and listen some more, to understand our customer's needs. Gained an insight and draw perfect design solutions to help our customer reach the target they're intend to. Stand out among the crowds, reaching more people with their message, even to help their business grow and thrive.

Graphic Design

Our Design team provide graphic design services, for startups and individuals to established corporations. We do company logo design, shirt and fabric pattern, print, marketing and web design, to businesses globally!
As We said, we’ll listen and take the time to get to know you and your company’s identity. Next, we’ll make a concept designs for you to choose of, and you’ve closer to your goal.

Let your creativity run wild! and we will help you to visualise it. Just tell us what is in your mind and we’ll figure out a way to print it.

Digital fabric printing is a new and innovative process for coloring your cloth using advanced technology. This process has a lot of advantage, while the traditional screen printing still have its own previlege.
At indiesign we adopt both the new digital way and the old reliable one, we believe each of method has their own excellency depends on our customers need.
We use Best Digital Sublimation Printer along with its original ink available in the market. We use it to break the design and quantity boundary that we found on traditional silk printing.
Yet we also provide a vary of screen and dye to produce a smooth screen print on some fabric which out of digital print range.

Fabric Print
Custom Shirt

We received your design ideas and apply them into customized t-shirts for your teams, school, company, clubs or even for your customers as a merchandise product. At indiesign, you can design your own custom printed t-shirts by using your own original artwork with the help from our design team, or by simply using our thousands of design stocks in our design bank. With our method variant, we will ensure that You’ll get exactly what you want without any limitation. So event if You are not a design expert, no need to worries. Our design team will assist you in no time. Your custom sport jersey design, team shirt, or even work uniform will visualize in short minutes.

You need to personalizing your individual garment? The heat transfer vinyl decorating methods is one of the least expensive and easiest to apply. You can choose between a polyurethane (PU), poly vinyl chloride (PVC), Flock, Glitter, Glow in the Dark, Reflective, Pattern, or even Foil material which more suit for your project. In addition to provide you with the various material option, We also help you with design, cutting, and apply the HTV on your selected garment.
You can heat apply it to a variety of fabrics using a heat press with the correct setting for a look that’s one of a kind every time! The material is so durable as long as it applied properly, will outlast the shirt’s fabric.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Clothes are not just a piece of cloth wrapped around us. Clothing has details that make the material fit and complement your body. In addition, the combination of material and form becomes a model. All of that could be done with the creativity and ability of a tailor. Sewing clothes with results that can make the wearer proud is expertise. Perfecting details and garments so that they are united and fit to wear.

The sewing team at Indiesign have more than just the ability to sew clothes. As a company that provides custom services for tailors, we are required to be skilled and maximal. The various products we produce have a very high level of stitch variation. Not only skilled, improvisation is a daily requirement in the indiesign sewing department.

In Our production line, we produce many custom garment products. Clothes, accessories like tote bag, clutch, pouch, etc, even home decor such as wall art, curtain, mat, table top, and many more.
All this items are fully customable to meet our customers need. Size, material, and the most of all are the design. Now you can easly made your unique merchandise and souvenir as it made just for your purpose only.


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